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Things look good, stressful, pain filled and alive. Miserable, many of my cohorts trek about but I can only smile from my window and wish them well. I believe when things take a turn for the worst life is amazing. I don't relish in others misery (however I may be a sadist) but I see life in their once glazed over complacent eyes. Poor Bobby Dish back to square one. Reduced to being a helpless teen once again and at the age of nearly forty. In his dads home jobless and girlfriendless smoking reefer in his bedroom closet. He is miserable and misery loves company. I see life. I see an awakened bobby dish. A man who must struggle and fight himself and the world. It's hard out there but thats what being alive and being a human being is all about.
I'm ready to drive to Atlanta. The biggest journey this boys ever taken. Lindsey and I are driving this time. We be alone and small. We will be scared, lost and unsafe. There will be no turning back. I will rely on her for direction. We will be teaming up to take on the country. Traveling is real. The best thing about the journey is that the pay off will be wrestlemania the biggest event of the year. I've never subjected myself to the power that is wrestlemania. The emotion, the large ammount of people surrounding us, the pain and suffering endured by the wrestlers to make it, really make it. It dosen't get bigger than this. You travel all year you destroy your body with a sliver of a chance of being there. To most wrestlers it is a completely unrealistic goal but it can be done.
Travel is painful. So many expeditions I have been fortunate enough to partake on. Back and forth to minnesotta for years, atlanta a few times and even california. Then with ian to detroit and other horrible places. I am alive today, I am who I am today because of all of it. I love it and need it to exsist.

I am alive
We are alive

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