meatballs manson (ray_gunn) wrote,
meatballs manson


Sitting here with a scraped elbow from a night of fights and madness. I fear I won't get my pto hours from the job I reciently lost. I earned those hours and honestly thought I got them paid off. Fuck them, fuck that horrible corporation. When you are trying to better the lives of disabled people you can't treat the workers like shit. You need to treat everyone well other wise the disabled people won't get the best care. It makes sense. Trying to get my october/fall on it is my favorite time of year and really want to make the most of it. Money could be an issue unfortinately, but I'll play the cards as they are dealt. I don't feel great about the general direction of things but it's good to know I'm surrounded by a large ammount of loving, caring people would would do anything for me and vis a versa.

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