meatballs manson (ray_gunn) wrote,
meatballs manson

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heres a poem/song or whatever

tell me the truth why we are here
tell me the truth sick of standing here

tell me where to go before i die
why tell the truth when i can lie

dont have the money to buy nice things
wont admit the truth, 50 cent chicken wings

no vacations no weekends off
blood in the shower from a cough

eric burden worken hard and slavin away
convince your loved ones not to stay

sun comes up before you sleep
lay in bed, can't find sheep

winter trash on the ground
prison killer homeward bound

little kid makes a frown
mean bank teller wears a crown

tell them the truth look them in the eye
mcdonalds worker let nuggets fry

and one more before i go
clean up rice, rocky horror picture show

(were you as offended by this poem as I am?)

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