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i will walk down drinking yoo hoo choclate milk and i will drink them like stone cold steve austin a

and eventually some heel will smash the glass yoo hoo bottle on my head
that will be my gimmick yea yea yea yea
do i have a problem with taking a solid glass bottle to the top of the head or not?

last night i read the entire novel mick foley reciently released named "tietnam brown"
its a story about a kid who has no family for most of his life, got molested by a foster dad who was also in the kkk, caused the accident that lead to the death of his immediate family, the death of two more boys in a catholic home for boys, and also caused the death of his mother during his birth. the book begins while he is 18 and meets his father for the first time and his father is even more of a character! the book teaches about love and pride and forgivness, its real good
This book has lots of sleezy and gory things in it

i read it all in one night like 2 am-11 am (stopping to watch gunsmoke at 6 am)
ARE yA All proUD i REad A BOoK????

SUMMERSLAM SUMMERSLAM TOMORROW!!!! i can feel it in the air!

today i had the unfortinute opportunity to go and buy a new pair of jeans. Well lets set the record straight, i really have only one pair of jeans i wear. the pear of jeans i wear ,were originally bought when i was in 6th grade!!!!! ive worn them almost 7 years. just within the last week i began noticing the zipper was broken and i would soon have to get a new pair. i went to sears and i was trying on the jeans i didnt like any of them and i would poke my head over the dressing room and throw things at my brother and stuff like that. I got a new pair of jeans but i doubt ill ever wear them. when college starts i will be known as the kid with a broken zipper on his pants and wearing a tellituby t shirt (i need to buy that tellutuby shirt soon if i was really lucky i would find my space jam shirt from 3rd grade, i kinda want to wear that to college. i hate college

get ready for another especially awful! story

By: William Carroll
A fictional story.

One day our hero was attending a high school basketball game, he mostly went to look at the young girls. Well all of a sudden the lights went out and screams rang out through out the newly painted high scool gymnasiam. As the detective's eyes began to adjust to the darkness he saw an enormous man engulfed in shadows sprint out of the back entrance. Then the lights went back on and in the middle of the gymnasiam there was the corpse of the janitor of all people. He had been killed. With a terrofied look on his face the principal examined the janitor and pulled a whoopi coushion out of his mouth, the cause of the death. The detective bolted from his seat in the bleachers and ran down to the scene of the crime. He had seen the murderer run out the back door. He began to feel dizzy, he was very squeemish. He akwardly walked to the water fountain and drank the warm school water. He then went outside and sat on a swing and let out tears. He was really scared of burgulars and killers. Once asa child he saw the three stooges battle some burgulars and he even saw it on the little rascals once too! It was scary tohim he wished on a star that night he had never become a detective. Someone as timid as he was shouldt be a detective now really? He then walked across the wet lawn to his car he sat in there and listened to the village people as he quickly drove to tim hortons drive thru, YES HE WAS A SHMUCK! What kind of man would go to tim hortons??? a shmuck, a twerp, a loser, a nerd! yess ALL of those!

He then went home turned on gilligans island and pulled out a childrens book of mazes. He did some of the mazes with a marker but his amrker died and he was too scared to go into the next room to get a pen because it was "too dark" and "too scary" so he decided he would stay in the safety of his chair with the warm loving glow coming from the televison set. He awoke the next morning to the phone ringing and it was his detective boss. The boss wanted to know what happened at the basketball game. Our hero just did a bad impression of a woman and said he wasn't home. The boss knew it was him however the boss also knew he wasn't a very good detective so it was useless anyways.

The End


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