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Things look good, stressful, pain filled and alive. Miserable, many of my cohorts trek about but I can only smile from my window and wish them well. I believe when things take a turn for the worst life is amazing. I don't relish in others misery (however I may be a sadist) but I see life in their once glazed over complacent eyes. Poor Bobby Dish back to square one. Reduced to being a helpless teen once again and at the age of nearly forty. In his dads home jobless and girlfriendless smoking reefer in his bedroom closet. He is miserable and misery loves company. I see life. I see an awakened bobby dish. A man who must struggle and fight himself and the world. It's hard out there but thats what being alive and being a human being is all about.
I'm ready to drive to Atlanta. The biggest journey this boys ever taken. Lindsey and I are driving this time. We be alone and small. We will be scared, lost and unsafe. There will be no turning back. I will rely on her for direction. We will be teaming up to take on the country. Traveling is real. The best thing about the journey is that the pay off will be wrestlemania the biggest event of the year. I've never subjected myself to the power that is wrestlemania. The emotion, the large ammount of people surrounding us, the pain and suffering endured by the wrestlers to make it, really make it. It dosen't get bigger than this. You travel all year you destroy your body with a sliver of a chance of being there. To most wrestlers it is a completely unrealistic goal but it can be done.
Travel is painful. So many expeditions I have been fortunate enough to partake on. Back and forth to minnesotta for years, atlanta a few times and even california. Then with ian to detroit and other horrible places. I am alive today, I am who I am today because of all of it. I love it and need it to exsist.

I am alive
We are alive
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Sitting here with a scraped elbow from a night of fights and madness. I fear I won't get my pto hours from the job I reciently lost. I earned those hours and honestly thought I got them paid off. Fuck them, fuck that horrible corporation. When you are trying to better the lives of disabled people you can't treat the workers like shit. You need to treat everyone well other wise the disabled people won't get the best care. It makes sense. Trying to get my october/fall on it is my favorite time of year and really want to make the most of it. Money could be an issue unfortinately, but I'll play the cards as they are dealt. I don't feel great about the general direction of things but it's good to know I'm surrounded by a large ammount of loving, caring people would would do anything for me and vis a versa.


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in 20 years ill be dead
in 20 years no homestead
20 years ill be in my grave
20 years cause i didnt' save
and im too young to buy a beer
and im too young to live in fear
and im to young to yell at mom
and i dont want to go to prom

greasy slimey stinkin slop
dish it out untill i drop
middle aged mean old man
kill you with my frying pan
i dont care if your my boss
cause your family will feel the loss
takin sleezy to young girl
middle aged white man ruins the world
bad back and limp around
you'll be eight feet under ground
call the cops you make your threat
cuz you wont fight me i bet
blood goes down the sewar drain
kill your boss kids, new refain
after school same old shit
keep your paycheck spend a bit
start work now till you die
spend your life nine to five.

sell your soul to corporate greed
abuse your life, fufill a need

do it in your own backyard
tell your doctor your on guard

raise a kid, divorce a wife
pay a debt your entire life

now your on a righteous path
jesus christ pray on sabbath

eat in your car greasy trash
tell your kids not to thrash

glasses on your ugly face
broken homes all over the place

mid life crisis fuck a whore
spend your money discount store

nicest car on the street
your the guy they hate to meet

call the cops teenage prank
big booze bottle that you drank

income tax time every year
jesus christ will make you fear

beat your kids harase your wife
stab her new man with a knife

weekend dad lets have fun
under the bed theres a gun

your new wife gold digging tramp
favorite record peter framp

ton of bills at your box
credit cards and maylox

stomach cancer too much stress
clutch your chest and confess

play a fool and your not cool
middle aged white man the world your rule

on your knees say take me please
middle aged white man disease

wont let me sleep cause theres too much food
wont let me sleep cause your in the mood

the horrors that are on tv
middle east and haiti

in a million miles they all die
in front of me is choclate pie

tell me that i am poor
tell me years of whats in store

say im sick and i will die
feed me more choclate pie

tv news we all fight
heres the riot they incite

secret plans they carry out
we dont see because we shout

we work hard untill we die
corporate dogs, evil eye

wont let me sleep cause i am dumb
wont let me sleep not the only one

wont let me sleep cause the tv's on
wont let me sleep cause the moneys gone

let them explain all their lies
stack up more choclate pies

village idiot
barack obama

back in jail

several hours
walmart lines

run the stop sign
pay the fine

nazi fucker knocks you out
jumps off a building scream and shout

tell me all about your self
secret pills, bathroom shelf

broken home, no family pride
go to school , genocide

video games get to real
killing those who do not feel

art is dead in those eyes
by a teacher, criticize

morning sun comes too soon
another day full of gloom

sleep all day, fear of light
back on track late at night

rochester rain clouds make dreary days
mt hope cemetary ancestors in graves

late night hot dogs sold on the street
skateboards soar down hot concreate

bad bums on the loose with sticks
r.p.d a bunch of hicks

across the lake i can't see
buying movies from bradley
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tell me the truth why we are here
tell me the truth sick of standing here

tell me where to go before i die
why tell the truth when i can lie

dont have the money to buy nice things
wont admit the truth, 50 cent chicken wings

no vacations no weekends off
blood in the shower from a cough

eric burden worken hard and slavin away
convince your loved ones not to stay

sun comes up before you sleep
lay in bed, can't find sheep

winter trash on the ground
prison killer homeward bound

little kid makes a frown
mean bank teller wears a crown

tell them the truth look them in the eye
mcdonalds worker let nuggets fry

and one more before i go
clean up rice, rocky horror picture show

(were you as offended by this poem as I am?)

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